Song name tag and some awards !

Din lipsa de ocupatie, rumegatoarea mea preferata , mi-a predat o leapsa...

Song name tag

"Folosind numai titluri de piese ale UNUI SINGUR ARTIST sau TRUPE, raspundeti la urmatoarele intrebari. "

♥ Sunrise Avenue 

      Are you a male or female? - My girl is mine

      Describe Yourself - Dream like a child

      How do you feel? - Something sweet

      Describe where you currently live/Descrie unde locuiesti in prezent – Wonderland

      If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - Rising sun

      Your favorite form of transportation - Birds and bees [nu intrebati! :))]

      Your best friend? - Choose to be me [completare: best friend]

      You and your best friend are - Only [ma rog, in traducere: singure! =))]

      What's the weather like? - Sunny Day [nu prea da' nah.. :))]

      Favorite time of day - Keep dreamin' [adica noapteea..]

      If your life was a TV show what would it be called? - Not again

      What is life to you? - Happiness [:))]

      Your relationship -  The whole story [;;)]

      Your fear - Fight 'till dying

      What is the best advice you have to give? – Kiss and run :))

       Thought for the day – All because of you

      My motto - Welcome to my life

Best Blog Award

      Name of your favourite color, song, dessert: 
       - Culoare : Mov, albastru, verde
       - Melodie : Bon Jovi - It's my life
       - Desert :  Ice Cream, clar! :>
      What is pissing you off: ipocriti, mincinosi.. o intreaga categorie! :))
      When you're upset , u...: rub hartii si ascult muzica :))
      Your favourite pet: papagalii [idem twiiin! :x]
      Black or white: mm.. amandoua
      Your biggest fear is: ignoranta, singuratatea siii lumea fara Eric Saade [sac! =))]
      Your best feature is: amuzanta, frumoasa sii gura mare [by Mimi]
      Everyday attitude: optimistaa!
      What is perfection: nu exista perfectiunea
      Guilty pleasure: fantomeee! :x

Inspiration Blog Award 

Blogger Luxury Award

The rules are:

       1. Link back to the person who passed you the award!
       2. Share 7 random things about yourself!
       3. Award 15 blogs.
       4. Drop them a line and tell them about it!

Seven random things about me:

1. sunt amuzanta
2. am gura mare
3. spun adevaru' verde-n fata
4. sunt sagetatoare :>
5. imi iubesc prietena cea mai buna , si prietenii in general! :x
6. imi place muzicaa
7. ador cititul! :x

Asa.. leapsa zboara mai departe laa...

♥ Dianette
                         .... si oricui o mai vrea! :D

Kiss! >:D<

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